Below is our selected list of published books. Click on the link available for each and every book to view a complete PDF input / output of the particular book.


Computational Finite Elements and Methods of Static and Dynamic Analyses in MSC.NASTRAN and LSDYNA

This book describes the theory of all the methods of static and dynamic analyses, be they linear or nonlinear, both materially and geometrically. The book is intended to give the reader a sound appreciation of the basic and advanced methods of structural analyses. Specific emphasis is given to the advanced analysis codes of MSC.NASTRAN and LS/DYNA.


Finite Element Modelling Techniques in MSC.NASTRAN and LSDYNA

Good practice guide to practical finite element modelling techniques with specific emphasis on the advanced analysis codes of MSC.NASTRAN and LS/DYNA.


Structural Motion Control in MSC.NASTRAN

This book describes the theory of passive structural motion control, i.e. the control and reduction of vibratory dynamic structural motion by optimum stiffness and mass, isolation systems, optimum damping and tuned mass dampers.


Standard Structural Designs for Low Rise Residential Buildings in RC Construction

This book presents standard designs of structural elements (slabs, beams, columns and foundations) for low-rise residential buildings such as bungalows, semi-detached houses and link / terrace houses in reinforced concrete construction. It serves as a design tool for preliminary frame scheming and member sizing for the structural engineer. It also serves as a verification tool to automated computer generated design outputs.